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Upcoming Events at Wollemi Counseling

Birth after Trauma: Assisting Clients Through Birth With Anxiety and Trauma Related Symptoms (Virtual Workshop)

Pregnancy Checkup

May 11th 6:30-8pm EST

When working with pregnant clients that have experienced previous birth trauma or other traumas that may be triggered during the birthing process the birth professional may be presented with unique challenges. This trauma informed workshop will offer birth professionals education on trauma and its presentation as well as ways professionals can assess and assist clients through the birthing process. Professionals will learn signs of disassocation, communication tactics for exploring potential triggers with clients, grounding techniques to help dysregulated clients and more. Presented by Rachel Bowers LISW-S, PMH-C a certified perinatal mental health professional and Shauna Rich CBE, LSW a  perinatal mental health therapist and certified childbirth educator. Register HERE.

Honoring Our Cycles: Understanding Hormonal Changes and Mental Health  (Virtual Workshop)

May 25th 6:30-8pm EST

Hugging a Pillow
Do you find yourself frustrated with your mood changes throughout the month? Do you feel your premenstrual mood symptoms cause a negative impact on your daily life? Join Shauna Rich and Rachel Bowers, women's mental health specialists to gain a better understanding of the impact of hormonal cycles on mood and ways to honor your cycles through managing your symptoms from anxiety, to depression to rage. Register HERE.
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