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Our Team 

We are passionate about your finding the right fit for your treatment. Take some time to read the backgrounds and specialities of each of our staff to find who you feel could be the best sidekick on your healing journey.  


                                                                       Rachel Bowers MSSA, LISW-S, PMH-C

Rachel  obtained her Masters of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University in 2008. She has over 13 years of experience as  behavioral health therapist in residential, school, and home settings. Rachel started Wollemi Counseling in 2019 to specialize in women's mental health and perinatal mental health. Rachel completed post-graduate training in perinatal mental health and also obtained her Certification in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C) from Postpartum Support International in 2020. Rachel specializes in women's mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues and managing life transitions. She also specializes in areas of perinatal mental health including birth trauma, perinatal anxiety/depression, breastfeeding grief, and identity loss after motherhood. 

You might be a good fit for Rachel if....

You worry often about doing things the “right” way and sometimes you can obsess over small details.

You had difficulties breastfeeding and are struggling with sadness and guilt about it.

You had a difficult birth (no matter how long ago) and no one seems to understand your feelings about it.

You are coping with a NICU experience or your baby had medical issues at birth and you feel overwhelm and fear related to navigating these issues.

You describe yourself as Type A or a perfectionist and motherhood has challenged this part of you.

You feel like you’ve lost your identity after becoming a mother.

You  appreciate humor and a casual therapeutic atmosphere.

You’ve experienced pregnancy loss and are trying to heal or are experiencing anxiety with being pregnant after a loss.

You feel like you are experiencing a quarter life or midlife crisis and don’t know who you are anymore.

You’re ready to fully process stories from your past that have bothered you for a long time.

You grew up as “the good girl” and are ready to deconstruct the limited beliefs that have held you back from asserting yourself and going after what you want.

You are tired of “doing it all” and are ready to equalize emotional labor in your household and prioritize your needs and self-care.  

Rachel's client's appreciate her empowering approaching, her encouragement for clients to set their own pace in thearpy, her passion about linking client's to community resources to build their support systems, and her sense of humor. 

Rachel is LGBTQIA+ affirming. 

She approaches her work with racial cultural humility.

She offers in person and virtual sessions.

                                                                                       Shauna Rich MSW, LSW

Shauna  Rich has a Master's in Social Work from  Youngstown University. Shauna brings expertise in perinatal mental health and women's mental health. Shauna has over 20 years of experience in parent and teen health education as well as maternal health through her work as a childbirth educator and doula. Shauna specializes in women's mental health and perinatal mental health including anxiety, depression, perinatal anxiety/depression, birth trauma, emotional preparedness for birth, relationship issues and life transitions.  

Shauna may be a good fit for you if.....

You are over 18 and identify as a are a new parent, postpartum or  pregnant.

Postpartum intrusive thoughts are freaking you out.

You have experienced a traumatic birth.

You're a parent of teenagers.

You are experiencing a major life transition such as empty nest, going off to college, divorce, a new relationship, or a job/career change.

You feel like your emotions are taking over your life and you want to stop struggling and start living.

You are struggling with your identity or self worth and are looking to examine your values and find yourself.

You need to set some boundaries or are feeling burnt out.

You are seeking a therapist who also challenges societal norms and gender roles.

You're kind of sweary and you're OK if your therapist is kida sweary too.

You want a therapist who is patient but will also challenge you when needed.

You want a therapist that's active in the community and really cares about families and humans.



She is an LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist. 

She approaches her work with cultural and racial humility.

She offers in person and virtual sessions.

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                                                                                       Sheila Nemati Fell, MA, LPC

Sheila holds an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from John Carroll University and a J.D. from Case Western Reserve University. As a former community legal clinic director, Sheila brings to her practice a deep understanding of the stress caused by interpersonal conflict, life transitions, grief, and systemic injustice. As a mother and a wife, she is also passionate about helping neurodiverse individuals and their families to nurture healthy relationships. Her areas of focus are perinatal mood disorders, maternal mental health, early childhood parenting, Autism, ADHD, relationship conflict, anxiety disorders, and depressive disorders.

You feel that parenting is fundamentally changing you, and you’re seeking stable ground and confidence in your parenting choices.
You identify as neurodiverse, ADHD, Autistic, AuDHD, or just feel wired differently.
You have been masking your true self, or you’re not even sure who you are or when you lost that thread.
You’re concerned about your child’s disability or neurological differences.
You want to parent differently than you were raised and stand firm in your own standards and convictions.
You're seeking relief from anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, or compulsions.
You’re deconstructing systems of oppression and discerning your role in making a difference.
You yearn for harmony and growth in parenting, career, partnership, and self-knowledge.

Her clients appreciate her nurturing, honest, and sometimes humorous style. She uses CBT, compassion-focused therapy, and mindfulness approaches to help you better understand and befriend yourself.

"In my previous career as a legal aid attorney, I immersed myself in interpersonal conflict, life transitions, grief, and systemic injustice. I emerged from that field with a desire to help others find self-compassion and inner peace, regardless of circumstances. As a mother and a wife, I'm passionate about helping neurodiverse couples and families nurture healthy relationships."

Sheila is a neurodiversity-affirming, LGBTQIA+-affirming therapist.

She approaches her work with racial and cultural humility.

She offers telehealth therapy for adult individuals and couples.

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