What does Wollemi mean? 

Written by Rachel, owner of Wollemi Counseling:


In 2016 my partner son and I relocated for 10 months to Melbourne, Australia. I was recovering from postpartum depression and trying to find myself again. I was so very inspired by the natural environment of the country and learned about the Wollemi Pine Tree. This tree was thought to be extinct, the only remnants of it were fossils. But in 1994 a bush-walker exploring a remote part of a national park found a tree he had never seen before. And it was with this discovery that scientists were astonished that something thought to be extinct had been hidden and surviving for thousands of years.  The name Wollemi comes from the language of the Aboriginal people of Australia meaning, "keep your eyes open and look around you."

This was the inspiration for our practice. Australia became my launching pad for self-discovery and finding myself again after motherhood. I became passionate about maternal mental health while in Australia and started my training in perinatal mental health. The Wollemi Pine is a reminder for all of us that when we think we've lost ourselves, we are still there, maybe hidden and dormant, but ultimately we are there and can be uncovered, ready to to thrive again. 

Artwork by Brittany Selfe

About Us


Rachel Bowers MSSA LISW-S, PMH_C

Rachel  obtained her Masters of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University in 2008. She has over 13 years of experience as  behavioral health therapist in residential, school, and home settings. Rachel started Wollemi Counseling in 2019 to specialize in women's mental health and perinatal mental health. Rachel completed post-graduate training in perinatal mental health and also obtained certification in perinatal mental health from Postpartum Support International in 2020. Rachel specializes in women's mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues and managing life transitions. She also specializes in areas of perinatal mental health including birth trauma, perinatal anxiety/depression, breastfeeding grief, and identity loss after motherhood. 

Shauna Rich MSW, LSW

Shauna  Rich has a Master's in Social Work from  Youngstown University. Shauna brings expertise in perinatal mental health and women's mental health. Shauna has over 20 years of experience in parent and teen health education as well as maternal health through her work as a childbirth educator and doula. Shauna specializes in women's mental health and perinatal mental health including anxiety, depression, perinatal anxiety/depression, birth trauma, emotional preparedness for birth, relationship issues and life transitions.  

What makes us different?

As therapists we value our connection and relationship. This means we understand that building a working relationship and building trust takes providing a safe, nonjudgmental space. We also understand the healing power of community. I am passionate about helping clients tap into their support systems, find their villages, and connect with activities in the community that will help bring symptom relief, confidence, and empowerment. While we work alongside you in sessions, we also work outside of our sessions to find resources specific to your unique needs. We offer a deep understanding of the challenges that face mothers, and we believe that helping mothers release unfair expectations, find their identities again - inside and outside of motherhood-, and build their village is vital to thriving through the transitions to motherhood.